FAQs & Actor Submissions

Representation Submissions
We are always interested in hearing from talent. If you are an actor seeking representation please send a brief note and link to your Spotlight PIN and some contact details and we will take a look and if of interest contact you for an informal chat. Our books are currently open however we only have limited space. Please note we do not consider actors looking exclusively for walk on and extras work. We do not at present consider child actors. There are specific agencies who can look after those looking for these services, our agency does not cater for these specialisms at present.

Casting Agents or Producers
If you do not know us already but are interested in one of our clients for projects, please send us a brief outline in the form below to include a contact phone number. We would be happy to hear from you and always try to respond promptly to discuss and project ideas.

TV guest spots, interviews and professional requests for profile actors
If you are a TV or radio company or member of the press wishing to book or speak to one of our profile actors for any TV interviews or guest spots, please fill in the form here with as much details of your project and your contact details.

Fan mail requests
Please note we do not have the ability to pass on all fan mail or correspondence for our profile clients. We will though try to take a look and in some cases if relevant can pass this on to the client. Some clients are on Twitter if you wish to follow them.

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